Congratulations to winners of the NIH AIM-AHEAD and Nightingale 2023 Health Equity Data Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Health Equity Data Challenge that we-hosted with NIH AIM-AHEAD Consortium Training Core! The goal was to use machine learning to detect cancer stage in minority patients from the world’s largest cancer biopsy data set. Read the announcement at Winners of the 2023 Health Equity Data Challenge

Winner, $3,000 cash prize

Team name: Wombcare Team
Team members: Yeno Gbenou
Organization: Drexel University
Advised by Bonaventure Dossou, McGill University, Mila Quebec AI Institute
Code on GitHub

Second place, $1,250 cash prize

Team name: Bison Breast Cancer Prediction Team
Team Members: Bryan Mildort
Organization:Organization: Howard University
Code on GitHub

Third place, $750 cash prize

Team name: University of Hawaii AIM-AHEAD Health Equity Team
Team members: Arianna Bunnell, Zain Jabbar, Armin Soltan
Organization: University of Hawaiʻi
Code on GitHub

Minorities are insufficiently represented in many clinical studies and data sets, and a biased study population leads to biased medical knowledge. Ours is the start of many efforts to improve medical knowledge by eliminating biases in clinical studies. This requires nothing less than massive data sets, such as the world’s largest cancer biopsy data set (4,200 patients and 140TB of data and growing) that was made possible by the foresight of pioneering health systems such as Providence Healthcare, and the support of funding organizations such as the Moore Foundation, Schmidt Futures, and the NIH, which enabled this project.

Thank you to our supporters, and congratulations to the winners!