New user introductions

Welcome to the Nightingale discussion forums. Please introduce yourselves. Here’s a recommended template.

Nightingale is a research community working on complex healthcare questions. So, we request our members to introduce themselves with their real names.

Name: Firstname Lastname
Organization: Your university, school, department, etc.
Organization role: Your role in the organization
Areas of expertise: Please enter one or more areas of expertise such as clinical specialty, machine learning practitioner, etc. You can also specify your level of expertise.
Pertinent roles: Mention whether you are a researcher, student, teacher, principal investigator, policymaker, etc.
Looking for: Optional. If you’re looking for potential collaborators with specific areas of expertise, please mention it here.
Fun fact: Optional, mention a fun fact about yourself

Name : Senthil Nachimuthu
Organization : Nightingale Open Science
Organization role: Chief Medical Officer
Areas of expertise :
Healthcare machine learning - probabilistic temporal models for predictive and prescriptive analytics for clinical decision support.
Interoperability - healthcare terminologies, ontologies, interoperability standards. Syntactic and semantic normalization of structured and unstructured data from multiple hospitals, including clinical NLP. Building a healthcare terminology server product. Co-authoring HL7 and other standards.
Infectious disease epidemiology - drug resistant bacterial infections, healthcare associated infections, and antibiotic use.
Looking for : Partners who want to publish data through Nightingale platform; Institutional members who want to host Nightingale data at their universities as an institutional member; .
Fun fact : I swam in the ocean when I was not a good swimmer a long time ago. It was quite the thrill, and so is jumping head first into medical informatics right after my medical training.