New User Introductions

Welcome to the Nightingale discussion forums. Please introduce yourselves. Here’s a recommended template.

Nightingale is a research community working on complex healthcare questions. So, we request our members to introduce themselves with their real names.

Name: Firstname Lastname
Organization: Your university, school, department, etc.
Organization role: Your role in the organization
Areas of expertise: Please enter one or more areas of expertise such as clinical specialty, machine learning practitioner, etc. You can also specify your level of expertise.
Pertinent roles: Mention whether you are a researcher, student, teacher, principal investigator, policymaker, etc.
Looking for: Optional. If you’re looking for potential collaborators with specific areas of expertise, please mention it here.
Fun fact: Optional, mention a fun fact about yourself

Name : Senthil Nachimuthu
Organization : Nightingale Open Science
Organization role: Chief Medical Officer
Areas of expertise :
Healthcare machine learning - probabilistic temporal models for predictive and prescriptive analytics for clinical decision support.
Interoperability - healthcare terminologies, ontologies, interoperability standards. Syntactic and semantic normalization of structured and unstructured data from multiple hospitals, including clinical NLP. Building a healthcare terminology server product. Co-authoring HL7 and other standards.
Infectious disease epidemiology - drug resistant bacterial infections, healthcare associated infections, and antibiotic use.
Looking for : Partners who want to publish data through Nightingale platform; Institutional members who want to host Nightingale data at their universities as an institutional member; .
Fun fact : I swam in the ocean when I was not a good swimmer a long time ago. It was quite the thrill, and so is jumping head first into medical informatics right after my medical training.

Name: Bonaventure F. P. Dossou
Organization: McGill University, Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering
Organization role: Ph.D. Student
Areas of expertise: Natural Language Processing (Machine Translation, Large Language Modelling, Speech Recognition, Information Retrieval), Machine Learning for Healthcare (Drug Discovery, small molecules generations, gene therapy), Computer Vision (Object Segmentation, Facial Recognition, Object Classification, Medical Imaging analyses)